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Maggie Barton


Maggie Barton is a Dallas-born entrepreneur, investor, and artist. Maggie started painting in college after falling in love with the feeling of picking up a paintbrush and letting her soul express itself. Her art is a journey of self discovery to dig deep and share how she sees the world: as a colorful playground of exploration. Maggie loves creating abstract acrylic murals as well as large digital creations.

“2020 was God's wakeup call for me to remember what matters in this life. It gave me the gift of wisdom without sacrificing any more time to get those lessons. I became much more playful with my work and less judgemental of myself, which unleashed the purest form of my creative flow.”

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TOOLS 2021

Screen 043021


This antique screen was used to print fine textiles and serves as a reminder to find beauty in the journey of creation. This work is an exploration of how a tool of art can become the art itself. So often we focus on the end result without appreciating the beauty of the process.


The porous nature of the screen presented unique challenges where i had to paint on both the front and the back. I love how the soft floral pattern sharply contrasts the industrial vibe of the screen, with bolts and handles still intact. this piece is one of a kind and blessed by a Reiki Master.


Original 44"x61"

Antique Decommissioned Screen Printing Screen and Acrylic


Various Prints Sizes on Metal and Commissions Available




Playful Panels


I have an appreciation for luxury, elegance, and refinement. But I believe many of us take life a little too seriously. The pops of color on the border are a reminder of the beauty in uniqueness and non-conformity.


A reminder to never lose your wonder as an adult.

Be refined. Be elegant. But never be boring.


This series is intended to have multiple panels as part of its presentation to create a sense of balance and flow. These are designed to move the energy in a room into a higher vibration. They help you feel space and remember to breathe. Given divine blessing by myself and a Reiki Master.


5 Panels, 16" x 72" Each

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Metal Leaf, 24k Gold Leaf


Commissions and Various Sizes Available


Origin Story


We’re all born of the stars. All the power and beauty of the cosmos are already within you.


Footprints can be customized. Makes a wonderful baby gift that someone will never grow out of.


Digital Art on Metal Print


Customization and Various Sizes Available


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