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Curatorial Statement

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proprietor + curator

Sharon Bridges

I have always felt my spirit resonate most strongly in the mountains. Driving with my windows down and my music up, the crisp mountain air blowing through my hair, I discovered my true north. In an attempt to find peace through the tempest caused by the pandemic, my compass was directing me to the mountains of Colorado. In March of 2021 I left my heart and found true love in a town which is perfectly aligned with zero degrees north, and it became clear the Universe had been listening.


I am beyond thrilled to have spent the summer of 2021 in Salida and, more importantly to have manifested, NO°RT+H: An Art Destination.


You'll be invited to interact with art at the intersection of southern hospitality and chill creative vibes. I aim to create an ambience for all of my art events which I can best describe as a blend of warm walls, cool vinyl, and vibrant conversations – think art speakeasy. 

Many hear the call of the mountains—few listen. I have heard the Universe and the mountains, and I have answered the call. My heart and soul are pointed North. 


I am grateful you decided to join my artists and me for an innovative + elevated art experience—we promise to direct you to your true north.


Please follow @truenorth_art on Instagram for artists features, event announcements, and more! 


I welcome you to reach out with any questions about purchasing a piece you’ve seen, design opportunities for clients, corporate placement,  licensing ideas, or more!  We’re open to all of it.  #tothemoon


One of my missions is to help change the paradigm of art collecting and make it more about art collecting. Once the creator is finished and brands, stamps, or signs their work it is released. The collectors now tell the stories. There IS nothing to "understand" per se. I believe each artist speaks a language. As people experience art, they either see, hear, and understand the art or keep searching for something that resonates. It's not personal, it's communication.
Let art happen, don't explain it. We can tell *ONE* story of what a piece means to 100 collectors as they interact with it, or we can let 100 versions of how the work impacts others wash over us and be gifted with their experience.

Let's connect art + hearts and find your true north.  

Our Artists

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